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New Orleans Funeral (EP)

by Run and Punch

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Exit 17 02:49
Hey! Here you go: Exit 17 [Verse 1] I know that we can make it Say you love me and don't fake it What to do to prove my heart true Other than to say I love you Don't give me the "just be friends" line Just one look and then you're mine Please say you'll leave me never And that you'll love me forever [Verse 2] You took my heart and now you gotta break it You never thought about how I'm gonna take it You're single now and have so many choices Your Tinder lovers and their tender voices Now you get to go to so many places Stupid lover boys and their stupid faces Please say we'll be together Not that it's a hopeless endeavor [Chorus] From who you were to what you are That's how we always fall apart And now I'm worried you're in a hurry For something new, a brand new start From who you were to what you are That's how we always fall apart [Verse 3] I'm sure you'll be so happy I really hope it doesn't turn out crappy I'm single now and I'm feeling super sad now I'd much rather have the disco than the breakdown I always wondered if you ever really loved me I can't believe you thought you were so far above me If we can't be together Then I'll be alone forever [Chorus] [Outro] How could you leave and let my heart decay I know this could've worked if you would've stayed If you came back, I know what I'd say But doesn't really matter anyway
Mr. Fix It 02:07
[Verse 1] When you woke up, life got hard Some motherfucker stole your car Your best friend left, not coming back Beer for breakfast, heart attack now You got a dollar for the Circle K And with any luck, you might score O.E. You turn to leave and you're not coming back 'Til you can learn to live life with a monkey on your back [Chorus] You can choose the sheets, you can paint the walls You can tie me up or kick me in the balls You can burn all of my favorite books You can carve your name in all these hooks I don't know or I don't care I've gotten high in my despair When beer and wine won't do the trick I'll be looking for a better fix [Verse 2] You used to have big dreams Your name in lights and magazines But look at you now, yeah, you went and you lost it You traded it all in for six kids and an office Now I'm not saying there's no going back But there's a very fine line between this and that And when you've lost the right to choose, then you've already chosen This coffin is a cubicle to work your bones in [Chorus]
Tommygun 01:44
[Verse 1] Your ideals are a mixture of just spit and glue In a fissure held together with a "W" Eloquent in nature, well-spoken in phrase Eloquent in everything except your fucking name What can you take You read it on reddit, you bought it on credit Filmed it on iPhone, said that you said it Purchased the credit when credit was due You bought all the likes, so now they like you No money for rent but plenty for weed Cabinet is empty but beer, it comes free You friends try hard just to keep you alive But you're a fucking prick and I hope you die [Verse 2] Your time will come and go, you are a passing fad Every comment has a caption, every comeback has a lag I could download your mind on to a twenty-gig flashdrive But I'd probably toss it off a ledge I'd like you more if you were dead
[Verse 1] Now and then I think of you and wonder How you've been Haven't seen you since last summer Remember when You said we should not be lovers Now you're back again It seems you kept my number [Chorus] We've been through this all before Go on and break my heart once more We meet another end See you next summer when We say goodbye again [Verse 2] You come, you go My head is spinning Goodbye, hello My ears are ringing And so it goes Do you hear this song I'm singing? Don't you know The end is the beginning [Chorus x2]


released March 14, 2019


all rights reserved



Run and Punch Chicago, Illinois

Run and Punch is a female-fronted rock band hailing from the Midwest. Their pop punk roots blend with catchy hooks and driving horn lines to get you up out of your chair and on the dance floor.

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